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Heda Margolius Kovály’s Exceptional Life Navigating a Century of Horrors

Heda had an enormous talent for expressing herself openly to the outside world. She spoke with precision and was descriptive and witty in places – which in relation to the subject matter is especially rare. I admired her attitude and composure, even after all her extremely difficult experiences. Nazism and Communism, the two totalitarian regimes that passed through Central Europe in the twentieth century, afflicted Heda’s life directly with maximum intensity. Nevertheless, she remained an optimist, and for that I respected her greatly.

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Designing for Orbit: a laboratory against inertia

By David Pasek

“Terrestrial architecture must learn from extra-terrestrial architecture” says space architect David Nixon, “as today’s architecture consumes pure products and leaves waste.” Nixon reminds today’s architects to concentrate on the basic human needs; for example, on housing concepts that could be erected in disaster areas within hours. He also dislikes architecture that reduces the task to formal questions.